Entrepreneur School

What We Cover

How to start, launch and scale a business even with a low budget. 

Session 1: Entrepreneurship - What Does it Take?

The truth of what it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Session 2: How to Pick or Pivot Your Business

Pick a great business idea or pivot to improve your results.

Session 3: How to Test and Validate Your Ideas 

Test and validate your ideas. Develop a solid, vetted business plan.

Session 4: How to Create a Successful Brand

Create, update or refresh a successful brand without a lot of money.

Session 5: Business Operations and Logistics

Processes, systems, and tools you need to run a business efficiently. 

Session 6: Marketing and Sales

How to pitch, market and sell.

Dive deep into what it means to be an entrepreneur and each step to take to successfully launch and scale your business. Then get started with the mentoring and help you need along the way.

Entrepreneur School is Just the Beginning

Sales makes or breaks your future. We run an ONGOING Sales School. Eliminate your fears and learn to pitch ANYONE while being yourself and telling the truth. (not kidding) Weekly live class and practice pitching sessions, templates, tools and so much more...